“INSI has been the Network Infrastucture and VOIP solutions consultant of choice for ITSI for over 5 years. Their expertise has helped ITSI grow from a $12M to $500M a year company. INSI's consistent, cost affective, sound solutions and consulting has always been sensitive to ITSI's business needs. And, they're a great team to work with." 

Davin Garcia, IT Manager
Innovative Technical Solutions, Inc.

"Our company recently purchased and did interior construction on a new office building. Part of this change included a major overhaul to our network. We decided to upgrade all network equipment, implement a VoIP system, and do an MPLS to our central California office. We began accepting bids from several network vendors and INSI was the last submission accepted. After doing a thorough review of all bids it was clear that INSI was ahead of the competition. The proposal of a fully redundant network that included all aspects of what Care West was envisioning, at a lower cost than other vendors, was fantastic. After the decision to go with INSI was made, things began rolling. The support we received was practically 24/7. Even after an almost total disaster with our T1 not going in as scheduled, INSI worked night and day to get us set up with a site-to-site to our old office so that our employees could continue to work.

The dedication, consistency, knowledge, and leadership of the INSI team are phenomenal, the camaraderie is valuable, and the final result is better than what any of us had originally envisioned. We will continue to use INSI for all of our network consulting, and consider them part of the Care West family; not just another vendor."

Nicole Irving, IT Department Manager
CareWest Insurance Company

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